Posted on: September 2, 2022, 11:46h. 

Last updated on: September 2, 2022, 12:15h.

A Wynn Resorts massage therapist, who claims Steve Wynn forced her to act as an “on-call sexual servant” while he was the company’s CEO, filed a second lawsuit yesterday against her employer.

Brenna Schrader’s suit alleges that Wynn Resorts Ltd. continues to create a hostile work environment and retaliate against her for seeking justice against her victimizer. (Schrader is also a plaintiff in an ongoing federal class action lawsuit filed in 2019 against Wynn and Wynn Resorts.)

“Defendants are attempting to create an atmosphere so hostile that Plaintiff will be forced to resign,” read the lawsuit filed by attorneys Robert Eglet, Tracy Eglet, and Danielle Miller in Clark County District Court.

Steve Wynn, Wynn Resorts
Steve Wynn is shown before his 2018 resignation from Wynn Resorts over allegations of decades of sexual abuse against some female employees. (Image:

According to the suit, Schrader “continues to endure hostile and retaliatory treatment, as well as conduct that is sexually hostile for female employees to this day.”

Specifically, the suit accuses former Wynn Las Vegas president Maurice Wooden of attempting to cover up Wynn’s sexual misconduct and posting memos urging employees to rally behind Wynn. According to the suit, this “created an atmosphere where many employees began to call Mr. Wynn’s accusers ‘sluts’ and ‘prostitutes,’” and to demand  their dismissals from the company. Schrader is forced to share a workspace with one of those hostile employees to this day, according to the suit.

Wooden resigned from Wynn Resorts in December 2018. He was replaced by former Wynn Las Vegas president Marilyn Spiegel, who retired last year and was replaced by Brian Gullbrants, former Wynn Las Vegas executive vice president and general manager.

Rape Allegations

Schrader’s lawsuit alleges that she was “subjected to rape and sexual assaults” from 2012 until 2018, “by either Mr. Wynn or a VIP guest and was required to remain on call for Mr. Wynn’s sexual satisfaction.”

“This left Plaintiff unable to defend herself or escape and, in many instances, exhibiting symptoms of Stockholm syndrome,” the suit alleges.

In 2018, Wynn resigned from his position as chairman and CEO of the company that bears his name. He also sold his stake in Wynn Resorts. However, he has repeatedly asserted that he never harassed or sexually assaulted anyone.

Fallout Keeps Falling

The lawsuit is the latest action related to sexual misconduct allegations against Steve Wynn and the company he founded. Those allegation have also resulted in Wynn Resorts receiving record fines from gaming regulators.

These include a $35M fine from the Massachusetts Gaming Commission. That was for failing to disclose a $7.5M settlement paid in 2005 to a woman who said Wynn forced himself on her. The penalties also included a $20M fine from the Nevada Gaming Commission for failing to investigate claims of sexual misconduct made against Wynn before he resigned.

Since quitting the casino business, Steve Wynn has reinvented himself as a Florida-based art dealer. His new company, Wynn Fine Art, currently sells Picassos, Matisses, and Warhols.