Posted on: November 22, 2022, 03:42h. 

Last updated on: November 22, 2022, 04:01h.

Specifics were released Tuesday about the November 9 heist at a Resorts World Las Vegas cashier’s cage. The bandit allegedly threatened to kill a cashier before fleeing with about $6,000.

Zubaid Al Jarmi
Zubaid Al Jarmi, pictured above, in a prior court appearance. New details were released on the November 9 Resorts World Las Vegas heist for which he was arrested. (Image: KLAS)

The suspect, Zubaid Al Jarmi, later returned to the casino to watch police as they investigated the crime, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) investigators revealed.

Before the early-morning holdup, Al Jarmi, 25, put on a blond wig as an apparent disguise and then walked into the casino via the valet entrance, police said. He eventually reached a high-limit cage, KSNV, a local TV station, reported. He waited for other patrons to leave, then put a plastic sack on the counter.

Al Jarmi passed a handwritten note to a cashier which said, “Fill the bag or I will shoot you,” according to an arrest report, quoted by KLAS, a local TV station.

While this was going on, the suspect verbally threatened [the cashier] by stating that he was going to shoot [the cashier] if he did not hurry up and give him the money,” Metro police said.

The suspect got the cash and ran from the cage. He then took a taxi to Rochelle Avenue and Decatur Boulevard and fled to a nearby apartment building.

About an hour later, he drove himself back to Resorts World. He went to the crime scene and watched police for a while. Eventually, he left the casino.

On November 16, he was arrested on two charges for the heist. These are robbery with a deadly weapon and burglary while in possession of a deadly weapon.

Al Jarmi is also facing a third charge, for violating his probation. He previously was given probation for a three-year sentence for the 2020 robbery of a cashier’s cage at The Venetian Las Vegas.

Robbery Similarities

Al Jarmi allegedly passed a note to the cashier and fled with money in that incident, too. But instead of using a taxi, he walked to the casino’s parking garage, reached his car, and drove away from The Venetian.

The handwritten note in the earlier robbery said, “Be quite [sic], we know where you live, don’t use the police alarm, wait 15 minutes, we are watching you, no dye pack, no traced money – now $15,000 cash,” KLAS said.

Al Jarmi covered his face with sunglasses and a scarf in that heist, but a surveillance camera was still able to capture his image, police said.

The video used to build a case against Al Jarmi at The Venetian was compared to video from the more recent robbery. Police realized both suspects had “the same distinct stride,” KLAS said.

Also, police compared the notes used in the two robberies, noting that the handwriting in both was similar.

These two cases have some very unique similarities and differences that all point to Al Jarmi being the suspect in the Resorts World robbery,” a police report quoted by KSNV said.

Police recovered the blond wig that Al Jarmi likely wore during the Resorts World robbery from his residence.

Last week, Las Vegas Judge Elana Lee Graham said Al Jarmi was to be held without bail. He remains in the Clark County Detention Center and is scheduled to return to court on December 6.

It was also revealed this week that after the November 9 heist, the Resorts World cashier ran to tell a manager about the robbery. It appears the cashier was upset as a result of the heist.

A Vital Vegas social media post revealed the “Cashier was beside herself. Eyes full of tears, eyes wide open, shaking.” It was unclear if the cashier was male or female.

Gold Coast Theft

In an unrelated incident, a solitary bandit reportedly robbed a cashier’s cage last week at Gold Coast Hotel and Casino. Initial reports didn’t reveal how much money was taken, but Vital Vegas later reported the amount stolen was about $30K.

The robber was described as a black male. As of last week, the suspect still had not been apprehended.