It’s easy to take this for granted, especially if it’s something you’ve always known, but we’re really at the beginning of the golden age of online casinos.

Even two decades ago, online casino gaming opportunities for players were scarce, with as many illegal and dangerous options as there were places regulated by safe mode. Nowadays, players often have access to several reputable or even government-regulated online gambling options. This means that players can often get the most bonuses the first time around by shopping and finding their favorite online game provider.

Most Trusted Online Casinos in 2022

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Everything You Need to Know About Online Casinos

Online casinos, much like regular casinos, can be a bit overwhelming! From the vast array of games like online slots they have to offer, to the multiple withdrawal and deposit methods, to the weekly or daily bonus deals, there’s a significant amount of information to process before you can determine which are the best online casinos for your tastes.

Of course, one of the first things to do is check out the legitimacy of the venue. Since government-regulated online gaming has become more popular, safer platforms have continued to win out over illegitimate ones over time, making the overall options safer than they were twenty or even ten years ago.

Why Should You Choose Online Casinos to Play

While online casinos won’t fully replicate the feeling of being live on the casino floor, they still come pretty close, and they put out some fantastic offers to prove it to players! Some online casinos even offer to live dealer casino games so that you can play against a human dealer from the comfort of your home.

Nearly every online casino has a welcome bonus for new players; that’s not something you necessarily receive at an in-person casino without becoming a club member. Typically alongside welcome bonuses, online casinos also offer game-specific bonus deals, weekly bonuses, and daily bonuses.

Another significant advantage of online casinos is your ability to play at home and on the road. If a busy schedule keeps you away from your favorite casino games, online casinos allow you to enjoy your favorite games wherever you have an internet connection or cellphone reception.

In fact, when it comes to online casinos, you save additional money on things like travel, hotel expenses, parking or valet service, and even tipping your potential bartenders, waiters, and table dealers. You can add those savings to your online game playing bankroll from the comfort of your couch, bed, or desk!

Free Online Casinos Vs. Real Money Online Casinos: What to Pick?

If you’re new to online casinos, one of the first things you’ll likely notice is that some online casinos are free while others operate using actual currency. There are benefits to both types of venues, and you should consider spending some time in both.

Free online casinos, sometimes referred to as “social gaming casinos,” allow entirely new players the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of casino games at no risk. Players even can enter tournaments and win prizes without ever spending actual money. Experienced gamblers can use free online casinos to brush up on their gambling strategies or specific rules for more niche poker games.

Free online casinos are also a great way for physical casinos to offer virtual versions of their games and entice new customers to visit. Past that, though, the lack of risk can sap some of the electrifying energy out of gambling. That’s when real money online casinos come into play.

Real money online casinos offer players the opportunity to place bets from their phones with real money and evoke the excitement that comes with the potential to win big at the casino. Often real money casinos feature bonuses that help players maximize their initial deposit or place an additional premium on their winnings.

How We Choose the Best and Safest Online Casinos

One of the most precise indicators of the quality of any new online casinos you might come across is how long they have been established. Typically unsafe or fraudulent websites can’t continue to operate for an extended period, so if an online casino has been in operation for years, that’s a great first sign. It means that the website is likely legitimate, and obviously, given their years of success, players like gambling there! You should stop at just investigating an online casino’s history, though. Various factors go into choosing the safest and best online casinos.

Here’s a quick list of everything the SlotsUp team evaluates when determining if a casino is safe:

  • Casino License – Reputable online casinos have their licenses clearly displayed. If you can’t find a gambling license, that’s a solid first sign you may want to take your deposit elsewhere.
  • Variety of Games – A casino that offers a wide-stable of games has made a significant investment into its online platform. This makes it more likely to be a reputable venue. Make sure it’s a variety of games you actually like to play, though!
  • Software Quality – Typically, casinos will proudly display this information, but you may need additional research. If the gaming software listed hasn’t been recently updated in the last 2-5 years, consider looking for more modern venues with more recent games.
  • Many payment options: how easy it is to deposit into your account is crucial! You want to make sure that the online casino accepts a payment method you already have readily available, like Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Bitcoin, and more.
  • Many Withdrawal options: another vital factor to consider, some casinos may have faster turnaround times for withdrawal via traditional payment methods or even offer faster speeds with winnings are withdrawn using Bitcoin, Skrill, and more.

Types of Games Available in Online Casinos

While it isn’t always the case, online casinos typically do their best to offer as many of their real-world equivalents as possible. It’s not unusual to see an online casino that offers roulette, craps, blackjack, poker, baccarat, and more. Frequently, casinos online can offer even more niche types of poker than the standard three-card draw or Texas Hold’Em because they don’t need to dedicate a physical table or space to the game like they would in a physical casino.

Another example where online casinos take advantage is slot machine types. Online casinos almost always offer a variety of slots that a regular casino couldn’t hope to match because of all the space slot machines take up on the casino floor. Online the problem of limited space on the casino floor doesn’t exist! So online casinos tend to have dozens of options for slots games; some are even exclusive to specific venues. This is also why online casinos can offer gambling off-shoots like Keno, Bingo, and Scratch-offs. While an in-person casino might not feature these games, online casinos feature these games to increase their appeal to players of all types.

Seeing how popular online gambling is, some virtual gaming operators have partnered with real casinos to offer players the “live dealer” experience. Live dealer games feature a dealer set-up on a webcam that you can watch as bets are placed, and hands are dealt. The live dealer gaming options represent the online casino industry’s latest innovation to directly bring the authentic casino experience to your phone. While not the most common form of online gambling, it’s undeniable that a live dealer game can take your knowledge to the next level. Definitely, something to check out once you’ve found a game you’re comfortable with digitally.

Online Casinos Bonuses

A significant element that separates the in-person casino experience and the online casino experience are casino bonuses. Online casinos with free bonuses far outnumber in-person casinos with similar offers for non-member players. Frequent rewards are one of the ways online casinos draw in players.

One prevalent type of bonus is a deposit bonus. A trusted casino online may offer a reward to match your first deposit or even exceed it. These are a great way to surplus your initial bankroll and enjoy more games with less risk. Players should double-check any welcome deposit bonus offers for wagering requirements because they can seriously impact how quickly you receive your reward.

For example, a wagering requirement could require that you place 20 or 30 bets before you’re able to withdraw any of the bonus deposit money. That can be a significant number of bets for some players, and there’s a chance that you lose the bonus money on those bets. Due to the strings that are sometimes attached to deposit bonuses. The easiest way to understand a cashback bonus is to imagine a casino or game that offers you a $1 refund every time you lose a $5 bet. In that scenario, you receive a 20% cash back bonus on lost wagers, and 20% is actually an expected cashback bonus rate!

Now cashback offers aren’t instant, they’re almost always paid out weekly, but often the player doesn’t have to do anything but wait for the weekly cashback bonus to be deposited in their account. That’s a vast advantage that cashback bonuses offer to casual players who don’t want to feel obligated to place dozens of bets to receive a bonus. More engaged players can often take advantage of weekly or daily bonuses that casinos may offer on games or slots in the form of bet bonuses or free spins.

Responsible Online Gambling

As with in-person gambling, online gambling is best enjoyed responsibly. There’s no reason to put your finances or future in jeopardy by trying to maximize your deposits or chase your losses. Too often, people can lose sight of the fact that casino games are meant to be fun and quickly realize they’re not having any fun when they’ve parted with money they couldn’t afford to lose.

Here are some simple tips to keep yourself from forming any bad habits:

  • Set a weekly budget and stick to it! Whether it’s $10 or $50, restraining yourself from overspending on gaming is excellent practice for other financial aspects of your life!
  • Use your winnings to subsidize next week’s deposit budget. So you made $50 worth of bets this week and ended up winning a total of $150. Your next three weeks of deposits are covered! Enjoy watching your bankroll grow.
  • Never chase your losses. Everyone knows the feeling of being done wrong by the odds, but the answer isn’t to put more money down. The answer is to sit with the loss and come back with a clear head and budgeted deposit next week.

If you find yourself unable to restrict your gambling to within your means or budget, it’s better to reach out to professionals sooner rather than later. Nearly every government that offers or sanctions gaming has dedicated resources and programs for problem gambling. Don’t hesitate to do a quick search for programs local to your area.

Outside of government resources, Gamblers Anonymous is one of the largest international organizations dedicated to helping problem gamblers find a community to connect and recover. If the time comes where you need to step away from gambling altogether, don’t be ashamed to make that choice. Gambling is meant to be a fun small part of life, not dominate your life outright.

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