Posted on: August 18, 2022, 10:51h. 

Last updated on: August 19, 2022, 04:33h.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) boss Dana White is a proficient gambler, and that might be an understatement. He’s not banned, per se, from many Las Vegas casinos. But some of those venues don’t want his betting business.

Dana White
UFC President Dana. He says Caesars Palace Las Vegas is the best casino in the world. (Image: Sports Illustrated)

As such, it’s easy for White to identify his favorite Strip gaming property: The famed Caesars Palace, which he says is the ideal spot in Sin City for high rollers and VIPs.

If you are a big player, and you come into town, you’re insane not to play at Caesars Palace,” White said in a recent interview with GQ Sports. “Caesars Palace is by far the best casino in the world. In the world.”

White is a long-time fan of Caesars Palace, and was on hand last weekend to celebrate the opening of the venue’s renovated dome. In addition to his Caesars fandom, White is a loyal supporter of the company at large. For example, in 2018, he spent $1 million on his youngest son’s 16th birthday at the Cromwell.

White Gambling Lore

In the GQ Sports interview, White says he’s been kicked out of the Palms twice for beating the house. That’s a widely known story, but an interesting one nonetheless, because until May 2021, that integrated resort was owned by Red Rock Resorts – the gaming company controlled by Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta, who were early UFC Investors.

White also told GQ he’s been tossed from the Mirage and that Wynn Las Vegas will no longer accept his gaming business.

“The only places that will let me play in town are Caesars Palace, the Bellagio, and the Venetian. All those guys take really big play,” White said.

White is known for playing high-limit blackjack. Several years ago, UFC commentator Joe Rogan detailed instances in which White lost $1 million in a night at a casino, only to return several days later to win $7 million.

In some regards, White is a casino’s worst nightmare. In an interview published earlier this year, he admits he’ll play $75,000 a hand, and if he wins the first two hands, he takes his $150,000 and leaves. He’s got an estimated net worth of $500 million, so he can afford such indulgences.

Other Celebrities Casinos Don’t Like

As noted above, White’s business is accepted at some casinos, while others turn him away. But he’s not the only celebrity gaming venues have their eyes on.

Actor Ben Affleck is reportedly a skilled card counter — something White hasn’t been accused of. While card counting isn’t illegal, casinos reserve the right to ban patrons displaying that acumen, which is highly useful in blackjack.

Socialite Paris Hilton, a dedicated bettor in her own right, was banned from Las Vegas casinos after she attempted to enter Wynn Las Vegas in possession of a small amount of drugs in 2010.