Slot machines are fundamentally different from other casino games, which is why slots players need to know some slightly different strategies. Whether slot games (or in Vietnamese is nohu, no hu, nổ hũ) are played online or in-person (i.e. slot machine), they operate on the same basic principles and follow the same rules. The main goal of slot play is to get matching symbols along an active pay line. You can check this guide for more slot game info .

The RTP of slot machines varies by slot game, but it normally falls between 85% and 98%. This means that while you may not lose all your money playing slot games, you’re unlikely to walk away with a large sum either – that’s just the way the game works! Slot manufacturers also try hard to make their slot games appear random – to keep the RTP high.

The slot machine’s setup, however, makes slot games fairly simple. Understanding slot machines is not difficult, but it does require knowing how they work and what symbols are important when playing slot games . Slot machines have five reels with various possible bet combinations displayed on each reel. You can see an example of a slot game screen below:

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Slot Machine Symbols Explained

As you can see in the slot game image above , there are different symbols shown on each slot machine reel. The most common symbol is cherries, though these are also the least valuable because they only pay out for matching three of a kind. Other symbols include watermelons, oranges, grapes, lemons, plums, sevens and BAR symbols. All slot games have at least three of the above symbols and often more than one BAR symbol. Each slot game uses a slightly different arrangement of slot machine reel symbols: some slot games will use all six slot machine reel symbols while others may not include certain slot symbols like oranges or lemons.

Slot Machine Betting Explained

You can bet on slot games in-between rounds (i.e. when you’re waiting for new reels to spin). As such, there are plenty of opportunities to adjust your bet amount and number of active pay lines during slot play . Each slot game’s betting options should be clearly displayed on the slot machine screen before you begin playing it – either below the reels or on the slot game’s main menu.

Slot Machine Betting Options

There are two primary slot machine betting options: how much to put in (i.e. the coin size) and how many credits to wager (i.e. how many coins you’re putting in). Most slot machines allow you to wager between 1 and 5 coins per spin, with three coins being enough for most slot games . Slot game pay lines will also need to be set at some point during slot play , though this is not always necessary – like when playing basic slot games like Jackpot Express . The number of active pay lines determines which symbols are used in slot machine combinations; more on that below!

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Slots for Free

You can also play slot games for free, as long as you don’t mind not winning real money. There are plenty of slot machine games available to play for free on slot game websites . Slot games which can be played for free include classic slot machines like Wins of Fortune and Buffalo Slots , retro slot games like The Great Ming Empire and modern slot machines like Mr Vegas and Fruit Fiesta.

Slot Machine Game Mechanics

Slot games basically come down to luck: they rely on random number generators (RNGs) to decide the outcome of every spin. This means that there’s no strategy or skill required in most slot games; all you need is a bit of patience! However, it’s possible to find slot machines with bonus rounds where some basic strategies can come in handy .

Slot Machine RNG Explained

Real slot games are designed to generate random slot symbols. They work by taking an initial number (the slot game seed) and then using it to calculate slot symbols, payouts and even what slot machine reels get spun next. Slot game software is capable of generating hundreds of thousands of different slot game seeds, meaning that no two rounds will ever be identical. Indeed, this is important for legal reasons: slot machines must always seem fair to prevent the “house always wins” perception from becoming common knowledge!

Slot Game Perks

Slot games don’t just involve luck; they also allow you to win free spins, bonus prizes and additional cash on top of your regular winnings too! For example, slot games with bonus rounds can be hard to find but are worth playing. And don’t forget slot game progressives – slot tournaments, slot jackpots and slot slot machines ! These special slot machine events offer players the opportunity to win life-changing sums of money!

A complete guide to basic slot strategies 2022 - 1

Slot Game Strategy

Most slot games involve little more than hitting spin , so there’s not much you can do to help the outcome. However, it is possible to identify which slot symbols are most likely to appear at any given time during your next slot machine round . Unfortunately, this takes knowledge of how slot symbols are distributed among all available paylines. As such, basic slot strategies aren’t really necessary for casual players – just keep spinning until you match enough winning combinations.

However, slot players who wish to optimize their slot machine playing experience should be aware that some slot games give more slot symbols higher up on the slot reels. This means that slot combinations are formed from higher-paying slot symbols more often, which can help you increase your winnings! Most slots offer a payout table which shows all possible winning combinations and their corresponding prizes – so make sure you check these before spinning! Also bear in mind that certain paylines have better odds of winning than others: this is determined by where the slot symbol appears among the five slot reels . For example, if three pink horseshoes appear together on reel one, reel four and reel five, they’ll form a combination worth 3 coins (which is 3x your bet amount).

Slot Machine Slot Symbols

Slot symbols are the characters used to build slot combinations. The slot reel will show many slot symbols at once, but only some of them will be winning slot symbols. Fortunately, slot games are normally pretty generous with their slot payouts! Slot game screen shots typically list all available slot symbols , so make sure you check this before playing for real money .

Most slot symbol payout tables include a list of “regular” and “bonus” slot symbols – these can help increase or decrease your potential winnings! Regular slot symbols should award more frequent wins, whereas bonus slot symbols are less likely to produce winning combinations.. VIP style slots may also offer higher-paying regular symbols compared to other video slot games!

Slot Game Paylines

Slot reels aren’t like slot machine slot reels (of old); modern slot machines allow you to choose how many paylines you want to play with . This gives players the opportunity to try slot combinations across different lines and levels – which is a good idea if you want to increase your chances of winning. However, bear in mind that playing more paylines will also use up your slot bet amount faster! Even so, it can be worth doing especially when slot tournaments are involved or when slot games have progressive jackpots! Slot game progressives , which accumulate until someone wins them all , can be incredibly lucrative.

Some slot machines offer random paylines too. In this case, no matter how many times you slot spin, your slot symbols will always slot appear on random paylines. This can be a good thing if you’re new to slot games and want to focus more on learning than winning – stick with this option until you’ve developed basic slot strategies and understand how slot machines work!

Slot Game Rules

Every slot machine has its own rules so it’s important to read the instructions before spinning. The instructions usually show over the slot reels too, although some modern slot machines omit the instructions panel in favor of graphics alone. Never fear, though: most slots use pretty standard rules . In most cases, slot symbols must appear from left-to-right along a win line for you to win money – but not always! Some newer slot games ignore slot reels and slot symbols , slot paylines and slot machine rules altogether and give the player random slot combinations every slot spin !

Slot Game Slot Symbols: Specialty Slot Symbols

Different slot games offer different slot symbols. In fact, certain slot games only use one or two specific symbols in order to save money on graphics! Even so, you can usually rely on bonus slot symbols such as wilds (which stand in for other regular slot symbols) and scatter slots (which offer free-spins when appearing anywhere on the slot reels). Many newer video slot games don’t even bother with separate speciality symbol slots: they just put all their speciality elements in themed icons that appear randomly the slot reels . These slot slot reels symbols are chosen at random, so if you’re playing for real money, stick with slot slot reels that have casino slot games with standard slot symbol payout tables .

A complete guide to basic slot strategies 2022 - 1

Slots Symbols: Basic Slot Symbols

Here’s a list of the most common slot symbols found across slot game slot machines : BAR : The bar symbol pays out according to its number (e.g. three bars will pay 3x your bet amount). Some newer slot machines may also substitute bar symbols for stars or diamonds , depending on the theme!

  • NINE / EIGHT : These pay according to their number (e.g. five nines or eights will win you 5x your bet amount). Note that even though nine is higher than eight , slot slot reels with lower slot slot reels usually pay out more!
  • RED / BLACK : These symbols are worth the same as bar symbols (e.g. three red or black symbols will win you 3x your bet amount). Some slot game slot machines use slot symbol slot machines to distinguish between different card suits instead .
  • ORANGE : This symbol is worth 2x your slot bet amount. Sometimes it’s used alongside other basic slot symbols since it pays out less than most of them!
  • WHEEL BAR : The wheel bar symbol slots in wherever the spinner lands on. It can substitute for any basic slot symbol, but is most commonly found substituting for NINE/EIGHT , ORANGE and RED/BLACK .
  • SPADE : Spade slot slot reels pay out 2x your bet amount.
  • JACK / KING / QUEEN : These symbols slot in wherever the spinner lands on. They can substitute for any slot symbol except wheel bars and are most commonly found substituting for BAR , NINE/EIGHT and ORANGE . ACE: Ace slot symbols slot in whenever they appear and will win you 3x your bet amount.

Video slot games usually use themed slot symbols that slot in anywhere the spinner lands since there’s no room to fit all of their different speciality slots into a single playing screen!

Slot game bonus symbols don’t always make an appearance on their own like standard slot game casino slot symbols do – many video slot games require multiple slot slot reels to trigger the slot slot reels .

Featured Slot Game Slot Symbols: Wild Slots

Wild slot symbols can appear anywhere on the slot reels, regardless of the slot game rules. They’re completely free slots to slot in, so they have a huge advantage over standard slot symbols – but you should never rely on landing multiple wild slot symbols since their payouts are much lower than other regular slot symbols . Most video slots use wild symbols instead of scatters too.

Featured Slot Game Slot Symbols: Scatter Slots

Scatter slot symbols usually give out free spins if three or more appear anywhere on your screen , but some newer games don’t even need that many scatter slots for this bonus round to activate! Scatter slot slot reels slot in anywhere on the slot reels and can pay out multiple times if they land more than once during your slot slot reels.

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Featured Slots Slot Symbols: Bonus Slots

As you might be able to tell from their name, speciality slot symbols give out bonuses. You can usually find a list of all these slot slot reels within the slot game rules or underneath the playing screen – take a look at them before you start slot slot reels slots! Some examples of these types of symbols include wilds (which substitute for other symbols), multipliers (/golds), scatters (3-of-a-kind 3x, 4-of-a-kind 5x) etc.


The slot slot reels slot symbols you can expect to see on slot slot reels may vary depending on the slot game slot machines , but this list of common slot symbols should work for most of them. Learning how each one works and which pay out more than others is a great way to get an edge over the house – and remember: slots online need wild slot symbols and scatters to activate their special features and bonuses, so make sure you know what they do before slot slot reels slots!

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