What current Games should be turned into movies next?

There are hundreds of movies released every year. There are different types of movies. Some of these movies are the result of an imagination while others are based on a true story, a novel, a book, or a game.

There are many games that come into the market every year and only a few of them have the potential to become popular globally. We’ve seen movies in the past that were based on some popular games and there are some present games as well that have the potential to be turned into movies next.

It’s very difficult to turn a game into a movie as there are several important things that a producer needs to consider when turning a game into a movie. For example, the poor selection on the part of studios is one of the major reasons that make it difficult for the producers to turn a game into the movie.

However, in this article, we’ll talk about different games that have the potential to be turned into a movie and we have a firm faith that they’ll generate enough revenue as a movie. Los juegos de friv will provide you enough information about the games we’re going to discuss here in case you’re not familiar with a game that we’re discussing.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

It is an awesome game and it really deserves to be turned into a movie. The Skyrim is the greatest part of this series that has made it achieve this position. The producer would have to find a character that would be known as the Dragonborn. You can either become a part of the rebellion or fight against them, crawl a series of intricate dungeons, and join a clan of werewolf mercenaries.

A perfect director and cast can turn this game into a blockbuster movie. One thing that should be kept in mind that this movie would require a lot of budget as there are many places where the movie will be edited using special effects. So, the director of the movie should keep this fact in his mind when planning to turn this game into the movie.


Diablo is another popular game that has the potential to be turned into the movie. The cast of character classes, that have been featured in this game, relates a story for each individual. This game also features the demons. The main quest is the best part of this game as the players want to play it repeatedly.

This movie will become a blockbuster as there are millions of players who would love to watch this movie and recommend it to their friends as well.


It will become a science fiction movie and everyone knows that science fiction movies generate more revenue than any other movie. The time travel and mutants will make this movie become popular and people will watch it again and again.…

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Our Favourite Creepy Movies from Back in the Day

People who are fond of watching horror movies must have watched all till now but the point is that are you satisfied with it? Many horror movies are getting released but very few of them are able to watch just to feel the horror.

If you are searching for such movie, you may also take a look at the creepypasta as well. Let’s take a look at the favorite horror movie of all the time.


This plot of this movie is quite interesting and for sure you are going to get involved in this movie. After you have watched the movie definitely you are not going to hang out with your long lost crush again.

This movie is amazing and you will witness realistic scenes in it which are going to make this movie your favorite one.


The Exorcist is known as one of the most cinematic horror movies you are going to witness these days. If you still haven’t watched the movie then this is the recommended movie to watch and you will surely enjoy it.

You will witness the creepy things coming out of the little girl’s mouth and this is really going to be terrifying for the people when you will watch a little girl again.


This movie is based on the real story and you are going to involve yourself in it. Every person who is scared of the nightmares can relate to the movie and can understand the feelings of the character in the movie.

A nightmare on the elm street is a must watch the movie for you when you want to watch something really horrible and something creepy as well. This is a must watch a movie.

You may also check this site to find the list of creepy movies.


In this movie, you are just not going to witness the horror scenes but twists and turns too regarding the villain. The saw is such a creepy killing movie and every death of the character comes up with the shocked and surprise.

It’s more of a psycho thriller than the horror and you will see how heartless a person can be when he is not in his own control.


In most of the movies when we see orphanage then it feels like it’s a home of ghost due to such silence and dark lights but now you can see this in the movie. This movie is quite disturbing for the people who feel orphanage like a horrible place.

In this movie, you will see the dead children and a murderer women. You will see the plot of the story building slowly and this is for sure worth watching a movie.


Amityville horror is also based on the true story where you can see the starting from the murderous man who killed his all family because he was possessed.

In the second half part of the story, you are going to witness why every man in that home got possessed and what is the history behind the haunted house.

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